Parrotdise Pearls, Shucking Oysters and Popping Pearls!

Welcome to Parrotdise Pearls!

Where living in Paradise with Parrots and opening Oysters with a Pearl can't get much better than this! 

Take a moment to look around! I look forward to opening your Oyster for you! 

Each saltwater cultured Akoya oyster has a beautiful pearl inside. Whites, pinks, purples, blacks, reds, silver, What color do you wish your pearl to be? 

Oysters may have single or twin pearls inside, what will your luck bring?

Single and Twin pearls (Orphans) already out of the oyster may also be found in our store.

Check out the popping Pearl experience live feeds, 

 I love Pearls and what I do. I hope you do too! 

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I'd love to be Shucking Oysters and Popping an Akoya Pearl with you!