Shuck an Oyster to have a Pearl with Parrotdise Jewelry 

WELCOME to Parrotdise Pearls Jewelry, I am excited to open an Oyster for you to reveal your Pearl, What color do you wish to POP out at you? Whites, Pinks, Peachs, Purples, Blacks? So many variations of these amazing colors and hues waiting to surprise you! 

1. Live Facebook Oyster opening

    A. Place your order to have your oyster shucked live with us for the next broadcast. Once selection and payment are received you will be put in the opening lineup,

    B. Shop in the store for your pendant and place your order, you may select your pendant after we open and I will invoice you. There are many items in the store to choose from. Custom work and Items that need drilled and set take a few extra days. Most drilled items are set in house.         

    C. Sit back and join us for the live broadcast to open your oyster. You will be notified of air time and date. 

    D. Like, share, follow us and interact during the shows for Pearlicious specials, occasional games, and contests. 

    E. Wait for the mail to arrive with your awesome pearl and cage. 

2: Private Openings:  Would you like an oyster opened but not want it opened online? That's ok too! I can video conference you for the opening and send you the exact pearl(s) that you see POP out.  You will be given the opportunity to select any additional oyster(s) openings, or jewelry items to complete your order before I ship the item out. Your order will usually ship within 2-3 business days if no drilling and setting is required. Custom orders may take longer. 


3: In home or on the beach (I really don’t care either way), Invite your friends to come to the spot of your choice for a live opening party. Oysters can be opened by you and your guests. 


4: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby or Bridal Showers, Just plain Shucking fun for Any Occasion!

 Contact me for options to get shucked at your event! Live web based openings are available.

5: Open at home! Yes, you can order oysters to be shipped to your house and you can open yourself. You can order the pendants or jewelry at the time of purchase. 

I can not drill or set oysters sent for home openings. Bead cages only can be sent with your order. Instructions to insert your pearls will be sent if necessary.


Most items ship USPS and are $5.00 in the United States. This covers postage, and packaging.

In some cases, jewelry settings may need to be ordered, Pearls drilled or custom pieces made. These items may take longer.  You will be notified of the time frame of shipping after purchase. 

Get Shucking addicted and come back for more Oyster openings any time to POP a new pearl and add to your existing pearl(s) collection.


Custom drilled pearls & custom wire jewelry may take a little longer. I will drill the pearls free if you purchase the oysters and jewelry from my site. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, hand made wire designs available.

Drilling pearls is a delicate process, every effort will be taken to successfully set your pearls.