Shucking Conditions:

I have taken every effort to ensure quality products. Each of the Oysters that have been specially selected have beautiful Pearls. Sometimes a perfect set of twins can Pops right out! The shucking joy of the POP! 

Our Akoya Oysters are shipped directly from overseas. Top quality products are important to me. Shipping issues beyond our control can happen, sometimes effecting the availability of delicate products. This could delay scheduled broadcasts, openings, or parties.

In the rare instance that I open an oyster for you and there is not a pearl inside, I will open another oyster for you to fulfill the promise of a pearl in your oyster. 

Jewelry cages are not included with your oyster, nor are the chains, although they may occasionally be seen in a photo for display purposes, do not assume that the jewelry or chain are part of your pearl opening selection. I do carry varieties of Silver and Silver Plated cages and chains as well as custom wire work. 

Please do not be afraid to ask for special items. I have many suppliers and will be happy to try to fill special orders and requests. 

Upon opening your pearl, if you have not selected an additional piece of jewelry to accompany your pearl, you can contact me within 24 hours to select and pay for your jewelry before shipping. Most orders ship within 48 hours of paid openings, if no custom work is required, and you will be contacted. 

No oysters have been injured or killed by us! These are not live oysters upon arrival. They have been hand selected, preserved, vacuum sealed, and shipped to me in south Florida. They are non edible in any form. There is little to no smell to these oysters. 

All sales are final, pearls cannot be refunded. Custom work is final and may take longer than normal to ship. 

All Oyster openings and orders are dealt with on a first come first serve basis.

I am a single jeweler. I pride myself in quality and that means rushing is not an option. 

If you have selected to have your pearl drilled, All care will of course be taken to ensure the safety of your pearl(s). In the event that something does happen to your selected pearl a new oyster will be opened to replace the pearl(s) that are damaged. 
Jewelry sales are final! Returns will not be accepted. Refunds will not be issued unless the original obligation of oyster opening can't be fulfilled.